Because They Already Believe It

We all have the little things that we have to learn on our own. One of mine was trying to understand other wanting to believe rumors about myself or those I care about, over the truth.

When being socially or emotionally abused, the abuser will often isolate the person they are attacking. It makes it easier to control the situation and to manipulate their victim. They may at the same time spread flat out lies to the victims social circle.

Until recently I could never understand why anyone would want to believe something so terrible and so obviously nothing like me. And now with the media storm and the currant political climate, I see this same scenario playing out on the world stage.

This past weekend there was a Tweet shared from a politician. It was quite convincing and sounded like something this particular politician might say, as stupid as it was. Thank goodness, by the end of the day most people found out it was a hoax and shared that fact with others. Most of us were glad to find out it wasn't true.

Now, for those times when the quote or rumor goes around, is found to be untrue, and yet people refuse to see it as a hoax? Those people have already made up their mind how the feel. And they aren't going to change it. They expected the rumor to happen in the first place and maybe even wanted it.

There are people in this world that won't like me, or like you. They made up their mind already not to like you or me and would never want to believe the truth or our perspective. They want to continue to live in the little world they've created around themselves and there is nothing we can do to change them.


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